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annual plans

Let your customers pay flexibly while you get paid upfront.
Built for B2B SaaS providers.

Zero interest. No service fees.

Zero interest. No service fees.

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Quick intro to Comfi
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You need more ARR to fund growth, but your customers want to pay monthly

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Boosted revenue

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Higher retention

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Increased sales velocity


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Secured runway

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Yearly discounts

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Zero interest

How it works?

Comfi integrates into any sales process seamlessly

Payment link

Generate payment links

Your sales reps can generate payment links and send them to customers via invoice or email. Customers are able to get 4-12-month zero interest installments.

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Checkout API

Add Comfi as a payment option at checkout

If you have a self-serve checkout on your website you can embed Comfi as payment option and your customers will always have an option to pay flexibly.

Add Comfi checkout

Zero risk to you

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Get paid upfront

Get your money straight into your bank account. We pay you in 7 days. It's the end of cash flow problems.

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Comfi bears risks

Comfi bears most of the risks and is accountable for underwriting and collecting the payments from your customers.

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Zero credit impact

Comfi scores your customers via connected data sources without communicating with credit agencies making no impact on their credit score.

Who will we finance

Worldwide operations

We can underwrite companies from all over the world

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Fast onboarding

Process takes only 1-3 minutes

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Simple qualification

6+ months of revenue history

MRR: > $20k

3-6 mo of runway

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Modern underwriting

We score your customers based on the financial health of their business through Stripe or business bank account

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What SaaS influencers say about Comfi?

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Managing cash flow is vital foe SaaS businesses, and being able to offer monthly payment terms to customers but get the annual upfront cash via Comfi’s BNPL is a competitive advantage for healthy growth!

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Eric Steeves
Revenue Architect, 21 Knots
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Throughout the history founders had only 2 options: scale fast with debt and dilution, or bootstrap and slow down growth. Comfi is the third option: debt-free and dilution-free growth.

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Almas Abulkhairov
CEO, SpatialChat
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Pitch customers, not investors, and let Comfi convert your contracts into instant, dilution-free capital. Close more deals and get upfront cash into your bank account.

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Head of Sales, Dapi
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Comfi is helping us support the merchant base with weak cashflow and convert them effortlessly.

Shadi Joulani· Co-founder

Read Dukkantek’s story
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The predictive results are based on 10+ customers from UAE and USA, 6+ months of data.


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Conversion into annual plans*


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Annual retention rate*

* in relative terms

5-Step Guide on Revenue Growth for Bootstrapped & Seed Stage Startups in 2023

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Still have questions?

Which countries does Comfi support?

Comfi is available to any of your customers that either have a Stripe account worldwide or a bank account in USA, UAE, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain.

Can any business work with Comfi?

Comfi works with subscription-based B2B companies. There are certain high risk categories, or ethically questionable businesses that Comfi may not work with.

How does Comfi’s pricing work?

There are no platform fees to integrate with Comfi. Our pricing is applied on every transaction made through Comfi, and calculated based on your industry and annual sales volumes. This includes all payment gateway charges without any hidden fees.
To learn more, reach out to us at

How much time it takes to start?

A couple of minutes if you want to use Comfi only for generating payment links and embedding them into your invoices or sending separately to your customers.

If you’d love to also integrate Comfi at your self-serve checkout through API that will take around 7-10 working days depending on your backlog.

What if a user wants to upgrade the plan?

If your customer wants to upgrade his/her plan you should issue a new invoice that contains the amount payable which the customer can split again.