What is Comfi?

Comfi is a payment service that allows you to spread your business expense over several months without any hidden fees or charges.

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How it works?

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step one

Select a payment term

Choose the way you want to split the payment. The available plans are 3/6/9 and 12 installments.

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step two

Get instant approval

Connect your Bank or Stripe account for instant approval. Your credentials are secured with our Open Banking partners and only one-time statements will be shared with Comfi.

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step three

Complete a payment

Review your payment schedule and complete a payment by adding your debit or credit card.

Why choose Comfi

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Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t have an US/UAE bank account or Stripe?

One of the accounts is required for us to qualify and approve you. We are looking forward to integrating with more data providers to increase the number of customers we can serve. Let us know about your case at hi@comfi.app.

How Comfi is different from credit card EMI?

Comfi gives your business an additional leverage to spread its business expense, whereas a credit card is assigned to you personally and better to manage it accordingly to secure your credit history.
Comfi also doesn’t charge a one-time fee.

What if my Stripe or business bank account is unqualified?

Your account might not get an approval based on your poor financial history or revenue information.

The possible solutions are:
1. Ensure you have connected your main business bank or Stripe account;
2. If you still face a rejection on your main bank account, you can try to connect an additional one belonging to the same business to let us re-qualify your application;
3. If you’ve been rejected on your Stripe account, try to change it to a different Stripe account that has higher revenue information or connect a bank account;

Are there any penalty fees if I miss the payment?

Yes, if your payment will be overdue more than 7 days, a late fee of 25 USD (99 AED) will be imposed for your next payment.

How to remove my data from Comfi?

Contact hi@comfi.app by providing your registered email. After we confirm your identity - your data will be removed.

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