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Managing cash flow is vital foe SaaS businesses, and being able to offer monthly payment terms to customers but get the annual upfront cash via Comfi’s BNPL is a competitive advantage for healthy growth!

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Eric Steeves
Revenue Architect, 21 Knots
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Throughout the history founders had only 2 options: scale fast with debt and dilution, or bootstrap and slow down growth. Comfi is the third option: debt-free and dilution-free growth.

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Almas Abulkhairov
CEO, SpatialChat
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Pitch customers, not investors, and let Comfi convert your contracts into instant, dilution-free capital. Close more deals and get upfront cash into your bank account.

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Head of Sales, Dapi

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Average increase in conversion into annual contracts

Reduce the barrier to take annual commitment for your customers.


Shorter deal cycle

Reduction in time to closed deal within 2 months of using Comfi.

1 Day

Time to cash

Reduced from 15 days in 2 months of using Comfi.

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